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Open-E DSS V7 SOHO 適用於小型辦公室,家庭辦公室 !



  • Free software
  • iSCSI (SAN)
  • NIC Teaming/Bonding

  • Software RAID 
  • Up to 4 Network Cards 
  • 4TB FREE initial storage capacity 
  • Additional storage extensions up to 36TB at affordable prices

 Storage solutions for small businesses

Open-E Data Storage Software V7 SOHO (Small Office Home Office) is a free version of Open-E DSS V7, previously known as Open-E DSS V7 Lite. With SOHO, you can take advantage of basic functionalities of our fully featured NAS / SAN software platform, now with a doubled capacity of 4TB free of charge. Download Open-E DSS V7 SOHO directly from our website today!

 Easy and affordable storage capacity extension

Data storage requirements are growing fast these days. This is why the storage capacity of Open-E DSS V7 SOHO can be increased easily thanks to cost-effective storage extensions of 4, 8, 16 or 32TB. This way, you can benefit from the scalability of the product and use the software with a size of up to 36TB.

 Affordable technical support

In case you require any help while using Open-E DSS V7 SOHO, our Support Team is at the ready for you. With our special Single Case Basic Support you will receive e-mail assistance for technical issues with your Open-E DSS V7 SOHO product.